Robert and Roxanne McCalla: Our Passion for Caribbean Cuisine

Chef Bob

Long before McCalla’s was founded, I was born and raised in Jamaica, St. Catherine - a parish in the south east where community cooking is very popular. I worked as a farmer, herding cows and goats. My mother taught me to cook outside with a Dutch pot and Coal, the same method I use today.

In 2007, I married the beautiful Roxanne and joked that I would keep her sweet with food for the rest of her life. That joke now holds truth because after coming to England in 2008 to work as a chef, I have never stopped doing just that (you'll get a first hand experience of it at one of our tasters). 

I have worked for The Phoenix Victoria in Central London and at various gastropubs, pizzerias, and diners in Shoreditch. I then worked as a food technician at Barking and Dagenham College, passing on authentic skills, methods and experiences to young people.


We founded McCalla’s Caribbean Cuisine in 2015 with the goal of sharing authentic dining experiences with customers. Robert's experience as a farmer helps him to source the best cuts of meat and his skills as a chef should make McCalla’s your first stop for Caribbean dining at your events.

Behind every great Chef is a genius making it all look even more fantastic. I keep everything ticking over and ensure the chef has the physical and creative space to do what he does best. I see to it that from staff to presentation, accounts and beyond - we deliver a meticulously planned service worthy of high commendation.

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